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Compostability certifications

Our materials are compostable certified according to the European standard EN13432, that establishes a complete compostability on a period of 6 months or less, and also guarantees the nontoxicity of the product.

Degradation studies for the bags have determined that their compostability is real under industrial and home equipment, so this means they can transform into compost on a backyard. Thanks to these results, we obtained the OKCompost HOME, OKCompost INDUSTRIAL and Seedling markings.

To know more about the compostability of our products you can visit the section Compostable.

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Compostpack / Products / FAQ

What products do you sell?

Compostable bags made with cornstarch for different uses and compostable raw materials for the plastic industry (injection and extrusion).

Can you make personalized bags according to requirements?

We can make bags of different styles according to necessity.

What is the difference between compostable and biodegradable?

A compostable product is also biodegradable, will also degrade in months as compost (soil fertilizer) and wont generate any residue or toxicity to nature. A biodegradable product will decompose by action of microorganisms on any period of time (hundreds of years) and may leave residue after degradation as well that toxicity for soil.
Biodegradable is not necessarily eco friendly, this is why we promote Compostpack products as a real environmental solution.

What is a Bioplastic?

Plastics made from renewable resources, are biodegradable and in our case compostable.

Are you certified?

Yes, we are certified according to European norm EN13432 and we hold the compostability marks OKCompost HOME, OKCompost INDUSTRIAL and Seedling.

What does it mean that Compostpack products are certified?

That are compatible with the composting process (biological decomposition of residue to obtain compost). By being compostable, are totally biodegradable and will reintegrate into nature in the form of compost and wont contain any toxicity for nature.

What is the degradation time of Compostpack products?

According to the EN13432 norm and biodegradation studies, a Compostpack bag will be reintegrated into nature trough a composting process in less than 6 months. We have also tested the material on Colombian plants and registered that this process took less than 2 months.

What happens if a Compostpack bag ends up on a landfill?

Landfills generally doesn’t count with an ideal environment for biodegradation, nevertheless, the speed of biodegradation will depend on the conditions of heat, humidity levels and contact with organic waste (microorganisms movement).

What happens if a Compostpack bag ends up at sea?

Compostpack bags contact with water will accelerate degradation process, their biodegradability has been proven on liquid and at room temperature. Once the Compostpack bag is in contact with water, their consistency and resistance will change.

Do Compostpack bags have shelf life?

Yes, since their manufacturing, the bags will be on a constant process of change. We do not recommend using them after 1 year of purchase since the loose resistance and will tear easily.